27 September 2008

ODU Availability at the Sector Portland Exchange

Please be aware that the Operational Dress Uniform (ODU) may not be available at the Sector Portland exchange for some period of time.

All current ODUs are being returned to the Uniform Distribution Center (UDC) in preparation for the issuance of the new un-tucked ODU to the exchanges. See the ALCOAST on this issue.

While this ALCOAST seems to indicate that Auxiliarists can order the un-tucked ODU from the UDC but when you visit the UDC you will see that only active duty and reserve members can preorder. I’d ask that you wait until the UDC website indicates that the un-tucked ODU is available to Auxiliarists to order, the UDC staff is likely working long shifts making this transition.

The “old” ODU is available for order from the UDC, sizes may be limited.

ADM Allen introduces social media initiative

Know it's cold

This year we've been making a major push in the Recreational Boating Safety community to educate about the risks posed by cold water. This goes well beyond our traditional emphasis on hypothermia with a particular focus on what happens in the first few minutes of cold water exposure. I've uploaded a presentation on cold water issues that I've been working on to SlideShare. Comments welcome.

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