16 April 2010

Election of our New Flotilla Commander

I would like to congratulate John Poulson on becoming our new Flotilla Commander. He has been in the Auxiliary about five years and has done an excellent job as FSO-PS (now Human Resources) With his "people skills" he has the ability to lead and direct our flotilla in a positive direction. Please join me in giving John our complete support and constructive help as he takes on this new role. Flotilla 76 has grown to almost 70 members which brings a new set of challenges. After speaking with John I know he is excited about continuing the groundwork Daren Lewis had started and also getting more of our members involved in programs such as Vessel Exams, Program Visitor, and Public Education, to name a few. John has set up a mentoring program for our new members that helps insure they get the right information and stay "engaged" and active in our flotilla. Thank you John, for stepping up and setting a good example. We look forward to a prosperous year.

Please check back often for up-to-date info on this blog. I am in the process of setting up a Flotilla 76 Calendar. If you know of events that should be included, please send it to me.

Diane Epstein, FSO-PB

15 April 2010

Using the Auxiliary Officer Directory to look up contact and qualification information on any member

As mentioned at our April Flotilla meeting you can use the Auxiliary Officer Directory to look up contact information for any member. The system also lists current qualifications.

Last month I did a brief tutorial on the Auxiliary Officer Directory for the Division 7 blog. You can see the post here:

The Auxiliary Officer Directory can be found here:

This resource uses the same password you use to access the eDirectory and ShopAuxiliary.