27 July 2011

Columbia Slough Regatta

Once again, we have been invited to participate in the Columbia Slough Regatta for the third year. The regatta is the largest paddle function in the State of Oregon and its hosted by the Columbia Slough Watershed Council to celebrate the Columbia Slough. There will be community organizations as well as some state and federal agencies promoting the Columbia Slough as well as paddle crafts. The Counsel provides free paddle craft rentals and encourages the public to bring their own paddle craft to take a paddle through the Columbia Slough.

The event starts at 0845 and ends at 1300 on 31 July 2011 and I am requesting that any of you who are VE or would like to participate in the PA booth to give me an email to sign up.

We will be promoting paddle carft safety and offer paddle craft vessel safety checks as well as offer paddle smart stickers. This is a great time to talk to the paddle craft community and provide them with the paddle specific information their looking for. Commander Daren Lewis has done an outstanding job of constructing a paddle craft specific display. Brovo Zulu sir.

Here is the address and I look forward to seeing you there.
NE 150th Ct & NE Mason (undeveloped field), Portland, OR 97230