29 September 2011

Davy Crockett owner indicted on two felony charges

The Davy Crockett, shown in an aerial view last March, was surrounded by a cofferdam and dismantled in place.

The Davy Crockett, shown in an aerial view last March, was surrounded by a cofferdam and dismantled in place.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Columbian News Paper reported today that the owner of a broken barge that polluted the Columbia River and triggered a $20 million cleanup has been charged with two felony crimes, which was announced Thursday by the U.S. Attorney’s Office’s Western Washington district.

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26 September 2011


This weeks "PHOTO OF THE WEEK" I am highlighting our flotilla's public affairs activities.
Bu: FSO-BP J. James

Lynn Easton at the Portland Boat Show. This is a great opportunity for us to talk to the boating public. Especially the new or soon to be new boat owners

LEFT: Area Captain South elect Daren Lewis fitting kids at the Oregon Zoo Safety Fair. This is a great example of our working relationship with other agency's like AMR Ambulance. RIGHT: A Coast Guard MH-60 Jayhawk from Astoria lands in a field at a school for a safety fair. We had a tent with the cold tank so kids could see how hard it is to function in the cold water.

This is what a table at an event could look like. We have literature
and exhibits for specific aspects about boating. This allows us to customize
our booth to each PA event. This was a picture taken from the Columbia
Slew Regatta. The information provided was specific to the paddling community.

18 September 2011


Post by: FSO-PB Jonathan James

This week's photo of the week will be the start of a series of photos highlighting areas of flotilla 76 operations. Not just operations as in surface, radio, or aircraft operations, but of what we do on a weekly basis. Each week I will be selecting a group of photos that pertain to certain functions or equipment that we use in our auxiliary careers.

This week's photos are of
the Flotilla Operational Facilities (OPFAC)

Coast Guard Auxiliary Vessel 222129

Photo of AUX222129 which is on of the primary vessels used in
training new crew and coxswains. You will see this OPFAC most
at special events, or conducting make-way patrols on the Columbia
and Willamette Rivers.

Coast Guard Auxiliary
Vessel 201267

AUX201267 is another primary vessel used in training and make-way patrols. You may also see this vessel alongside a deep draft, tug or other commercial vessels to load or unload Coast Guard boarding teams or transporting members of the Press.

Coast Guard Auxiliary Ve
ssel 222051

AUX222051 is very active with the above vessels. A major use
of this facility and it's coxswain is to take active duty members
on Area of Responsibility Tours. Active duty members are
required to get eyes on the AOR they task to work.

Coast Guard Auxiliary Vessel 192154

AUX192154 is our newest facility in our flotilla and
has been featured in multiple SITREP videos from our
Division Commander, Daren Lewis.

I do want to give a special thanks to the owners of these facilities. With out your contribution, we would not be able to function as an operational flotilla. Thanks to all of you.

15 September 2011

September Flotilla Meeting Highlights

Post by Jonathan James

A few photo highlights of the flotilla meeting.
There was a table full of awards and qualifications to be presented.

Thanks to Peggy Stevens for the great photos.

Some highlights for those not present:

a. Dues are due at months end, please save the commander some stress and get your dues in.

b. This years Change of Watch will be on the Portland Spirit. More info in the meeting minutes.

c. Commander Poulson talked about what it means to step up and take a staff position. He also had staff members or members in special projects highlight their job duties to show the members present what it takes to keep the local auxiliary operating.

d. We all had our taste buds in an uproar from the wonderful food that the fellowship team put together. It was fantastic.

e. Our flotilla will be hosting the next division meeting. This is the first Wednesday of October which is the 5th. DIVISION MEETINGS ARE NO LONGER HELD THE FIRST MONDAY....

13 September 2011


Young Rick Poulson, son of FC John Poulson sporting the Division 7 gear by Commander Daren Lewis. Note the name on the left sleeve and the Coast Guard core values on the other sleeve. Rick is also sporting a Coast Guard Cover from Hawaii.

10 September 2011

We Shall Never Forget.

By FSO-PB Jonathan James

Tomorrow marks the 10th anniversary of the terror attacks of 9/11/2001. A day where more than 3,000 innocent Americans were murdered, a day that changed America, a day we all cried.

Tomorrow as you go through your day, I ask that you take a moment and remember the great Americans that we lost that day. Remember how you felt watching those towers fall, or how you felt to see a ball of smoke above the Pentagon, or how you felt to hear that United 93 crashed in a field in a rural part of Pennsylvania.
Remember all those firefighters, police officers, paramedics, and all the other first responders who knowingly and selflessly went into danger to help evacuate people from the World Trade Center. Remember the responders that climbed upon the "Heap" and spent days and weeks looking for survivors.

Remember the days after the attacks and how we, as a nation came together regardless of our political, religious, or ethnic back ground. We came together as one. We were "United we Stand"
Remember how the whole nation was bursting at the seams with patriotism. We all flew flags and had ribbons on our cars. Some of us even went to Ground Zero to help with the recovery efforts knowing the dangers.

Many Americans have made a commitment, a commitment to do whatever we can to keep this from happening again. Many Americans are now first responders, active, reserve or volunteer members of the armed forces because of what happened that day. We are safer because of them.

Thanks to all of you who serve as volunteers in the United States Coast Guard. You are all Patriots. Tomorrow, after you have bowed your head in remembrance, you can hold your head high knowing that you have made a difference to the security of this nation.

Be safe tomorrow and God Bless America.

07 September 2011


Photo by FSO-PB Jonathan James. Rose Festival Fleet Week 2011
Lowest vessel to upper vessel: 52' Motor Life Boat Triumph
100 foot Inland Buoy Tender Coast Guard Cutter Bluebell
157 foot Coastal Buoy Tender Coast Guard Cutter Henry Blake

MLB Triumph was specifically designed for assignment to a Pacific Northwest region station, where severe surf conditions were commonly encountered. The original wooden 52’ MLB versions, although proven highly capable for heavy weather rescue operations, were quickly wearing out and needed replacement. It was determined that their replacements should have hulls of steel rather than wood, aluminum superstructures, twin diesel engines and propellers, and self-righting and self-bailing features. Triumph was built in December of 1961 and stationed at Station Cape Disappointment.

Coast Guard Cutter Bluebell was commissioned April 4. 1945 in Tacoma, Washington. Cutter Bluebell is in charge of maintaining 420 Aids to Navigation on over 300 river miles on 3 different rivers. This is 23 percent of the entire 13th District buoys and aids. Another historical fact about the Bluebell is that she is the second oldest cutter in the Coast Guard fleet next to the Queen of the fleet. 100-foot inland construction tender Coast Guard Cutter Smilax.

Coast Guard Cutter Henry Blake is the thirteenth of the Keeper Class of the Coastal Buoy Tenders. Henry Blake was placed in Commission, on the 18th of May 2000 and began her journey of over 9,400 nautical miles over a six month period which included port calls in 4 countries and 11 states on her way to her home port in Everett, Washington, which she arrived at on the 14th of September 2000. Henry Blake is responsible for the maintenance of 80 lighted, 39 unlighted, and 65 shore aids to navigation.