26 October 2011


Post by FSO-PB J. James

Sorry for not posting a photo of the week last week. I'll get the ball rolling again this week with a picture of our very own Elisabeth Hanna who is a member of 76 and a LE boarding member for Station Portland.

In this photo, Seaman Hanna is underway on 25470 as a LE boarding member in her Active Duty capacity. .
photo by: Todd Mains.

14 October 2011

October Flotilla Meeting Highlights.

Post by FSO-PB Jonathan James

This months flotilla meeting was outstanding. We had close to 30 members and 3 guests which made for a great time for fellowship and to conduct the flotilla business.

First off, I would like to thank our visitors for joining us Wednesday night. It was nice to meet you all and I hope it was a good experience for all of you. Flotilla meetings are usually the most nitty gritty function of the auxiliary but it is vital to the success of our unit. It allows us as members of a flotilla to come together and plan for the months ahead. It also allows us to get together as friend and catch up on the going on's for the month and recognize members for their hard work.

Speaking of awards.
Paul Ploeger was awarded his 2nd Operational Service Award for more then 341 hours underway this year. That is just outstanding.

Rebecca Easton
was awarded her1st Sustained Service Award for 5 years of service in the Auxiliary.

Matt Epstein was awarded his 4th Sustained Service Award for 20 years of service to the Auxiliary. BZ Matt, I know your looking forward to another 20 years of service.

Daren Lewis was officially introduced to the flotilla as District Captain elect and now represents the southern divisions. The District Captain is also responsible as a liaison for the Coast Guard Units in his area. The District Captain delegates some of this to the ASC (Auxiliary Sector Coordinator)BZ Captain Lewis on your new position.

For the program visitors, we have some PV specific materials that you may not be aware of. The most important is the CG-5093 Manufacturer ID Code System, which is the form to sign up the marine dealers as a program partner. The biggest thing this can can do for the dealer is provide them with the quickest recall updates available. There is no yearly renewal unless the business name or location changes.
ANSC 7048 PV Activity Report is another must have. You don't get credit for your visits unless this form is filled out and SENT TO THE FSO-IS.
A program partner sticker is also available for our partners to show their customers at the front door that they care and participates as a program visitor.


The Flotilla COW has changed the date to 15 January 2012 due to the Division COW being held on the 7th and would require a good number of flotilla members to participate in 2 COW that weekend. Boarding time and meal cost will be available via email soon.

We voted on a couple VERY IMPORTANT motions at the meeting this month. The first of the two motions is as follows.............. Sorry I can't tell ya on the blog what the motions were. I will have the motions available soon in the flotilla meeting minutes.

Mary Magrant conducted our member training session at the meeting which covered the steps/process to becoming an instructor (IT). The first step to gaining your qualification is to study the Instructor Development Course located at
Once finished with the course you need to log onto the E-Learning site and take an openbook, none proctored test.
Once the course and test is completed you can move onto the Personal Qualification Standard (PQS) which is a book that has tasks that must be complete in the presence of a mentor. Once this is completed, your paper work is sent to district and walla. Please call Mary for a more in depth discussion on the steps required.

VE's please remember to submit any Vessel Exam paperwork that has not been entered. The leadership would like to see your numbers accounted for this year.

22 OCT Sat: ECP Training Session at MSU.
02 NOV Wed: Division Meeting
09 NOV Wed: Flotilla Meeting. Elections will be held.
12 NOV Sat: HAZWOPER Training and Exercise.
19 NOV Wed: ABS Class. Contact FSO-PE for details.

11 October 2011


This weeks photo of the week is highlighting the division meeting we hosted last Wednesday. Thanks to all of the 76ers that supported the leadership in hosting an outstanding meeting.

This Ain't no Cookie and Cold Coffee Line!!!

Photo by Peggy Stevens

Gary Bell working his Stainless Steel Edible Art Storage Apparatus.
What fantastic food Gary. BZ as usual.

Flotilla Body Guards Manning the Gate!!!!

Photo by Area Captain elect Daren Lewis

Thanks to Chris Roosevelt and Paul Plouger for standing Gate Watch
and maintaining a heighten sense of Situational Awareness.
Watch out for these two, they may pounce and bust some
Gummbie Suit Ninja stuff if they sense something odd.

Edd Kairis is Number One.........

Photo by FSO-PB Jonathan James

Edd Kairis was awarded the Division 7 Auxiliarist of the month
for October. Edd is the first to be awarded the Aux of the month sense
the division voted to start recognizing an Aux each month.
Edd's name will now be sent to district as a candidate for
District 13 Auxiliarist of the year for 2011.

Frocking???? Yup That's What's Happening.

Photo by Peggy Stevens.

Division Commander elect Brad Schuldt was frocked at the division
meeting after being elected as the Division Commander for 2012.
MSU XO, USCG CDR Michael Zamperini and Brad's son preformed the
frocking ceremony. For those of you who don't know what a frocking is, it's
a ceremony which changes the officers insignia from his or her current rank (office)
to his or her promoted office before they actually take office.

03 October 2011


Post by FSO-PB J. James
Member training is the highlight of this weeks photo of the week. Without this most important program, we couldn't serve the boating public or the Coast Guard. A BIG thanks to Jon Polimeni for some outstanding training offered at the division level this year and his support to the flotilla's who have offered training to members in the division.

Damage Control Trailer
Photo By FSO-PB Jonathan James
Area Captain elect Daren Lewis (left) and SO-M
T John Polimeni (right) work on repairing a leak in the Damage Control Trailer. This trainer is used to train Coast Guard personnel and commercial fishermen on the methods used to patch leaks due to cracks, holes, splits and leaking seals. This is also a great piece of equipment to show what TCT is all about.

Flotilla 73 Crew Academy With 76 OPFACs

Photo by Area Captain elect Daren Lewis
In this photo, 051 Coxswained by Todd Mains is practicing the side tow evolution with 173 Coxswained by Ken Babick who is the academy lead officer. In the background 267 Coxswained by Lynn Easton stands off while the crew observes the process of a side tow evolution.

Training With The Active Duty
Photo by Area Captain elect Daren Lewis
The station often asks the auxiliary to participate in training of the station boat crew and coxswains. In this photo an auxiliary OPFAC is bei
ng used as an escorted vessel to allow the active duty to practice their escorting procedures.

Classroom Instruction

Photo By Area Captain elect Daren Lewis
In this photo Todd Mains teaches the Boat Crew candidates of an easy method to remember the sound signals when approaching or passing a vessel. We are lucky in our area as we have a bus load of outstanding instructors who have a wealth of knowledge.

Note: Wednesday we will be hosting the division meeting which is also the division election. Lets have a great turn out and support or members running for higher office. I would like to say thank you to Matt Epstein who is running for Division Vice Commander and Brad Schuldt who is running for Division Commander. Good luck to you both on Wed.