27 November 2011


Post by FSO-PB Jonathan James

Happy Holidays shipmates. I hope you all had a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving with family and friends this past week. With Thanksgiving behind us brings our next big operation, Christmas Ships.

I just want to remind all our members underway for these parades to remember risk management, situational awareness and watch out for the safety of their fellow shipmates while underway.

Coast Guard Cutter Bluebell underway for Christmas Ships.USCGC Bluebell participates in the Willamette Fleet of Portland Christmas Ships
AUX Daren Lewis, USCG. Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark II

11 November 2011


Today is a day to honor our veterans of our armed forces and thank them for their service.
Some of us did that this last weekend in the Veteran's Day Parade held at the Historic Reserve at the Vancouver Barracks.

Coast Guard Color Guard Leads the Guardian Group.

Photo by: Jonathan James

Truck Towing 25430 from Station Portland.

Photo by: Sandy Carpenter

Auxiliary Boat 181173 Flying the Auxiliary Flag.

photo by: Jonathan James

Here is what the correct answer to the Photo of the Week was.

I asked to have you guys respond via email to my question of what was wrong with the picture. It had something to do with the uniform and many of you hit to the pen in her pocket. This was not it. The pen was in her pocket correctly and did not violate any uniform policy.

In this photo I highlighted what was different about her uniform.

SN Hanna had a rip in her sleeve and had to sew the rip. For most, the only way to tell this difference was to hold your uniform up to the monitor and compare the picture.

Congrats to Todd Mains who was to closest member to pointing out the difference. He received some nice hangers to keep his uniforms from wrinkling or falling off the hanger and a three drawer container to store all his auxiliary uniform items when not on his uniform.

If you have any photos with an out of place something, please send it to me. I would like to start doing one of these a month and recognizing the member at the monthly flotilla meeting with something that has to do with the photo.

Stay Tuned for the November Flotilla Meeting Highlights Coming this Weekend.

November Flotilla Meeting Highlights.

We had a great turn out for our November flotilla meeting with 32 members and 4 guests present. It was a packed house with some great food and fellowship.

The big highlight of this months meeting was the election of you new Flotilla Commander and Vice Commander for the 2012 year.

Rick Williams was elected as Flotilla Commander. Photo by Peggy Steven

Jonathan James
was elected as Vice Flotilla Commander.
Photo by Daren Lewis

Heads up on the COW. Payment for the COW is due no later than 15 DEC Please send or hand your payment to Rick Williams. The 15th is the day after the December flotilla meeting.

A Uniform reminder:
ODU sleeves are to be worn down during the winter months.
The Passed Officer device is not authorized for wear on the ODU.

Brad Schuldt is presented with an RBS (Recreations Boating Safety) device. This device is awarded to members who complete more than 240 points in 2 years.

Photo by FSO-PB Jonathan James

1 point for every hour as lead instructor for a Public Education class.
1 point for every 2 hours as an assistant instructor for a Public Education class.
1 point for every hour of Public Affairs work. (prep time and travel not included)
1 point for each Vessel Exam completed.
1 point for each Recreational Boating Safety Visit.

B.Z. Brad for being awarded this hard earned device. You are part of an elite group of members who have excelled in our primary cornerstone of RBS.

Ed Kairis was named District 13 Auxiliarist of the Week for his growth in the auxiliary in his first year of service. Ed has been in the forefront of RBS and it has shown, not just in our flotilla but the division and district as well.

Photo by Peggy Stevens

Mary Megrant has exepted the position of FSO-PE (Public Education) for the remainder of the 2011 year and will be staying on the staff roster for the 2012 year. Congratulations Mary and thank you for you dedication to the flotilla and the boating public you teach.

Photo by Peggy Stevens

03 November 2011

PHOTO OF THE WEEK (with a twist)

Post by FSO-PB Jonathan James

This week I decided to use the photo of the week to quiz you on how well you know your uniforms. We as members need to be able to point out BIG and little issues with our uniforms and correct them. We also need to be looking out for our fellow shipmates who my need a heads up on a uniform error.

In this photo there is something astray about this uniform. Can you pin point the difference?

Hint: Take your ODU out and compare the picture.

The first 3 members to email me the difference in this uniform will receive an item to add to your uniform care kit at the next flotilla meeting.

Semper Paratus Shipmates.