24 December 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Shipmates

Post by FSO-PB Jonathan James

On behalf of FC John Poulson, FC elect Rick Williams and myself, have a safe and very Merry Christmas. And for our shipmates standing the watch tomorrow. Thanks you for your service.

Here is a Photo Gift from me.

Even senior officers can have a sense of humor
as demonstrated in the photo by District Captain Daren Lewis
at the flotilla holiday party.
Photo by: FSO-PB Jonathan James

21 December 2011

December Meeting Highlights

Post by FSO-PB Jonathan James

FC John Poulson, thank you sir for your outstanding dedication and hard work to this flotilla and your shipmates. You pulled us through some confused seas the last couple of years and the flotilla is stronger then ever and thriving because of your leadership.

Last Wednesday was your last meeting as Flotilla Commander and probably the quickest of all the meetings in which you were the Chair. Was this you, ready to give up the Gavel, or was it because you had something planned for after the meeting? Well of course you had something planned for after the meeting, it was a fun and non-violent gift exchange and party to allow us all to have some great fellowship and food. And what better way to go out than with a party.

Some quick highlights from the meeting before you get to see some pictures.

* If you plan on participating in the crew and coxswain academy this year, please contact John Poulson and Kevin Thiel FSO-OP 2012 with your intentions. They will work with you to see that your squared away for the academy.

* Congrats to Lynn Easton. Your a Grandaddy to another Granddaughter . Another lucky one to spoil.

* DIRAUX notes are being sent once a month highlighting activities in DIRAUX's office. This is a great source of information from DIRAUX and the staff that helps keep the auxiliary running.

* Uniform of the day at the boat show will be Tropical Blue. Please see that your uniform is squared away when attending the boat show.

* The UDC has an excess of the untucked ODU which means you may now purchase more then 1 set of the ODU from the UDC.

*Commanders remarks were short due to the Change of Watch where FC Poulson will grace us with his last Commanders Comments before passing the Gavel to FC elect Rick Williams.

*If you have not sent your check in for the Change of Watch, please do so as soon as you can. Its going to be a memorable COW.

Stay tuned for more on the meeting in the December meeting minutes.

Here is a slideshow of the meeting and party.

Photos by FSO-BP Jonathan James

13 December 2011


Post by FSO-PB Jonathan James

Christmas Ships on the Columbia River escorted by OPFAC 267 Coxswained my Lynn Easton.

Photo by FSO-PB Jonathan James
Portland, OR- Christmas Ship Breezy sails by AUX 267 on the Columbia River at the Interstate Bridge. Coast Guard and local law enforcement provide support to the Christmas Ship fleet by marking obstructions, Aids to Navigation as well as providing SAR assistance if needed.

Photo By FSO-PB Jonathan James
Portland, OR- Christmas Ship Rock Steady performs a maneuver
called a Cart Wheel by executing a 360 degree turn in unison with
all the other vessels in the Christmas Ship fleet.

Photo by FSO-PB Jonathan James
Portland, OR- Christmas Ship Branch Office

sails the Columbia River along Hayden Bay.

Photo by FSO-PB Jonathan James
Portland, OR- Coast Guard Cutter Bluebell participates in the Christmas Ship parade as the center piece of the evening. This is the second year that the Cutter Bluebell has participated in Christmas Ships. The Cutter Bluebell is charged with maintaining Aids to Navigation along 500 river miles and she is charged with maintaining more than 420 Aids to Navigation.

Photo by FSO-PB Jonathan James
Portland, OR- Christmas Ship Meant To Be sails into Hayden Bay for the final maneuver of the night. You will find many a Christmas ship with a play on words like CO HO HO HO.

For more information of the Christmas Ships and the schedule of parades, please visit their website at

04 December 2011


Post by: FSO-PB Jonathan James

This week's photo was submitted by Paul Ploeger from AIXAIR piloted by Aircraft Commander Rick Williams on Saturday, November 12, 2011.

Portland, OR- AUXAIR conducts an overflight of an overturned vessel on the
Multnomah Channel. AUXAIR provided support to the Coast Guard RB-S from Coast Guard Station Portland, which including a check for possible people in the water as well as a check for pollution that my be leaking from the overturned vessel. AUXAIR conducts muliti mission flights to augment AIRSTA Astoria aircraft on the Columbia and Willamette Rivers.