27 December 2012

December 31 Uniform Changes

From D13 EXCOM

Each of us takes pride in wearing the Auxiliary uniform. The new year will bring a number of changes to our Auxiliary uniform as announced in the Auxiliary Manual published in August 2011 (COMDTINST M16790.1G). Many of these changes are to little used uniforms and uniform items and have little impact on the majority of members. A few are significant and we'd like to assure all members are aware of the changes to avoid inadvertent violation of the uniform rules.

Please take this opportunity to review the changes and assure that you are in compliance as of 2013.

Thank you for your attention to these changes and your commitment to the Core Values of the Coast Guard as shown by your proper wear of the uniform.

If you have any questions please submit them via your chain of leadership and management.

Note: All letter references are to the Auxiliary Manual, COMDTINST M16790.1G, Chapter 10

Authorized Uniforms After 31 DEC 2012 (subject to wear dates and other limitations)
  • Blue Blazer Outfit [E.2.]
  • Auxiliary Jump Suit [E.3.]
  • Auxiliary Operations Polo Shirt [E.4.]
  • Dinner Dress Blue Jacket Uniform [G.1./I.1.]
  • Dinner Dress White Jacket Uniform [G.2./I.2.]
  • Service Dress Blue [G.3./I.3.]
  • Dinner Dress Blue [G.5./I.4.]
  • Service Dress White [G.6./I.5.]
  • Winter Dress Blue - 01NOV-31MAR each year [G.7./I.6.]
  • Tropical Blue [G.8./I.7.]
  • Undress Blue Winter [G.9./I.8.]
  • Hot Weather Uniform [H.3. / see also Operational Polo (E.4.) & VE Polo (A.2.) options]
  • Operational Dress Uniform (Tucked and Untucked) [H.4. / see also Operational Polo (E.4.) & VE Polo (A.2.) options]
  • Auxiliary Flight Suit [H.5.]
  • Auxiliary Chef (AUXCHEF) Uniform [H.6.]
  • Organizational clothing (e.g. Anti-exposure PPE for Air & Surface Operations)
Discontinued Uniforms as of 31 DEC 2012
  • Undress Blue - Summer (Alpha) [G.10.]
  • Undress Blue - Summer (Bravo) [H.1.]
  • Working Blue [H.2.]
Changes in wear as of 31 DEC 2012
  • Cardigan Sweater is no longer authorized with the ODU [D.6.]
  • Wooly-Pully Sweater is no longer authorized with the ODU [D.6.]
  • Windbreaker is no longer authorized with the ODU [D.10.a.]
  • Auxiliary Ball Caps WITH silver embroidered visor ornamentation are no longer authorized [D.3.b]
  • Auxiliary Ball Caps WITH mesh backs are no longer authorized [D.3.b]
  • Auxiliary Ball Caps WITH embroidered/sew-on devices are no longer authorized [D.3.b.] (metal devices are required as of 31 DEC 2012)
  • Trench Coat is no longer authorized with the ODU [D.10.e.]
  • Garrison Cap is no longer authorized with Service Dress Blue, only the combination cap may be worn [G.3.j./I.3.j.]
Individual Uniform Items Discontinued After 31 DEC 2012
  • Blue Working Utility Cap [D.3.a.]
  • Work Jacket [D.10.b.]
  • Foul Weather Jacket WITH Service Dress Blue [D.10.c.]
  • Reefer Coat [D.10.d.]
  • Overcoat [D.10.f.]
In addition please note the three following areas of particular concern:
  • Wear of Coast Guard Unit Ball Caps have very specific wear requirements and allowable circumstances for wear by Auxiliarists. If you have the privilege of supporting a Coast Guard unit and have the Command's authorization to wear the Unit Ball Cap please be sure to know, understand and follow these requirements. [D.3.c.]
  • Soft shoulder boards/shoulder loops have not been authorized on Tropical Blue for a number of years and are no longer authorized on any uniform item including sweaters [D.5.].
  • For District 13 the Active Duty Chief of Staff has put the period for winter uniforms as 01 November - 31 March. Tropical blue is always authorized for the D13 Staff for office wear. Between 01 November - 31 March ODUs will be worn with sleeves rolled down. If you work with a Coast Guard unit follow the Command direction of sleeves when aboard that unit.

Very respectfully,
U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, District 13 EXCOM

17 October 2012

October Flotilla Meeting slideshow

By Daren Lewis

Congratulations to our 2013 Flotilla Commander, Diane Epstein, and our 2013 Vice Flotilla Commander, Andy Cochran. Thank you for serving as our leadership next year!

19 September 2012

Good Luck Shipmates

 Post by Jonathan James, VFC

This weekend will be our District Conference at the Monarch Hotel in Clackamas were elections for District Officers for 2013 will be conducted.

In these election will be our very own Daren Lewis, DCAPT-South (District Captain) who will be running as our DCOS (District Chief of Staff) who's duties include managing the DSO (District Staff Officer) as well as assisting the DCO (District Commodore) with other district business. To put it into perspective, his duties are close to that of the VCDR (Vice Division Commander) and VFC (Vice Flotilla Commander) times a hundred.

Brad Schuldt, DCDR (Division Commander) will be running as out DCAPT-South. The DCAPT is charged with supervising the southern divisions in the district as well as working with the Goldside Command in his area.

We all wish both of you well in the coming election and hope to see you both Frocked (old office insignia replaced with newly elected office insignia) by conference end.

     Daren Lewis, District Captain - South
Brad Schuldt, Division Commander

27 August 2012

Happy 90th Jo!

By Daren Lewis

Jo Gullixson celebrates her 90th today. Happy Birthday Jo! Thank you for your service shipmate.

Mrs. Taylor, Jo Gullixson, RADM Taylor on the USCGC Alert at Rose Festival 2012 (Official USCG photo by PA2 Eric Chandler)

25 June 2012

Photo of the Week

In this photo of  the week is our very own Jo Gullixson, shipmate from 76 was the guest speaker at Admiral Taylor's luncheon aboard the Coast Guard Cutter Alert during the Rose Festival Fleet Week. Jo was invited to speak about her years as a SPAR in the Coast Guard and what it is to be an Auxiliarist in today Coast Guard.

PORTLAND, OR - Auxiliarist Jo Gullixson speaks to guests at RADM Keith Taylor, Coast Guard 13th District Commander's Luncheon aboard the Coast Guard Cutter Alert during the Rose Festival Fleet Week.
Auxiliarist Jo Gullixson talked about being a SPAR in the Coast Guard as well as the Auxiliary.
Coast Guard photo by Auxiliarist Jonathan James.

21 May 2012

Photo of the Week

Shipmate, this week's photo shows our new info holders at the local boat ramps. Thanks to Ed Karis for his hard work in getting these place.

PORTLAND, OR - Auxiliary flotilla 76 works on installing "TAKE ONE" pouches 
at the local boat ramps and parks with Sports Utility Boat access. Safe Boating Week is upon us
and this is flotilla 76's way of promoting safe boating 24 hours a day. 
U.S. Coast Guard Photo by Auxiliarist Ed Karis.

07 May 2012

Photo of the Week

Post by Jonathan James, VFC

This week's photo was submitted by Ed Karis, FSO-PV.

Ed has put in countless hours in preparations for the open house events at the local Fisherman's Marine locations for the next 4 Saturdays. A BIG thanks to John Pulson, Diane and Matt Epstein, and Ed Karis for
putting on a great event this Saturday.


PORTLAND, OR - Auxiliarist stand watch at the Open House booth hosted by Fisherman's Marine
in Delta Park. Auxiliarist offered free Vessel Safety Checks as well as a cold water tank demonstration.
Public Affairs booths are one of the biggest tools we have available to spread the word about Recreational Boating Safety and having great program partners like Fisherman's Marine help provide a platform for

Auxiliarist to spread the word.
U.S. Coast Guard photo by Auxiliarist Ed Karis. FSO-PV

29 April 2012

Photo of the Week.

Post by Jonathan James, VFC

This week's photo was snapped by Todd Mains while conducting training evolution's with Coast Guard Station Portland. If you have any photos of us executing our missions, please send them to me so I may share them with our shipmates and people who follow our blog. 

Clear to Port. 


PORTLAND, OR - Coast Guard Small Boat, 25430 makes a 
hard turn to Port while executing a blocking maneuver to protect the high 
value asset they are escorting in a training exercise. Auxiliary vessels and crews
are routinely used as platforms for the active duty to use in training. In this case, 
Auxiliary OFAC 222051 was used as the high value asset. 
U.S. Coast Guard photo by Auxiliarist Todd Mains.

26 April 2012

Post by Jonathan James, VFC
Shipmates, in the next few Saturdays flotilla 76 will be participating in some "open house" events at the Fisherman's Marine locations. We will be providing store patrons with an opportunity to learn about boating safety as well as get their Vessel Safety Check done.

These are the dates of the open houses:

05 MAY 2012 from 0900-1600 at the Delta Park store
12 MAY 2012 from 0900-1600 at the Oregon City store
19 MAY 2012 from 0900-1600 at the Tigard store

Members are needed to help man the booth. We will have boating safety literature as well as the cold water demo available. Officer Snook will be making appearances and members are needed to wear the costume. Officer Snook's appearance times will be 1100-1500.

Please contact Jonathan James if you interested in participating.

13 April 2012

Some Photo Highlights.

Post by: Jonathan James, FSO-PA/PB

Sorry Shipmates for a silent blog for the past while. Now that I'm starting to find a good routine (which I'm sure will change as the baby gets older) I am able to get posting again.

It's That Time to Roll Our Sleeves up.
The CO of MSU Portland has chose Tax Day (17 April) as our changeover from ODU sleeve down to ODU sleeve up. Here are a few photos to follow to properly roll your sleeves. If you have any question, please email Jonathan James with your question.

Here is a slide show of AUX in action this Winter.

07 March 2012

Division 7 Member Training This Saturday

Shipmates, please read the following from Ed FSO-PV, about our division training this Saturday at MSU Portland.

The combined VE/PV workshop is this Saturday, 10MAR12 at MSU. The start time is 0800 for the VE workshop with the PV workshop to follow. This is a great opportunity for new and seasoned VE/PVs to learn and freshen up on everything VE/PV related.

Remember for those of you who do not have an AUX ID, you will need to be escorted on base.

Uniform of the day: ODU. (please inspect your uniform for correctness)

17 February 2012

Facebook Page

Shipmates, for those of you who do Facebook, we now have a flotilla facebook page. Thanks to Dave Baker for his working in getting this set up.

What we need from you is content, updates, dates of events and photos. Please send this info to Dave or myself and we will see that it get's posted.

26 January 2012


Post by Jonathan James, FSO-PB/PA
The photo of the week demonstrates how important our Aids to Navigation program is. Without us to conduct our bridge verifications, these lights may not be operational or inappropriately lit. If you are interested in assisting in Aids verifications, please contact our FSO-NS for details.

Vancouver, WA. Lights on the Interstate Bridge show the way for commercial and recreational vessels navigating the Columbia River which is the boarder between Oregon and Washington.
The Coast Guard Auxiliary conducts Private Aids and Bridge verifications for the Coast Guard to assure the information listed in the light list as well as NOAA charts are correct.
Photo by Auxilirist Jonathan James.

19 January 2012


By Jon James

The photo of the week is the slide show of our Change of Watch aboard the Portland Spirit. A great time was had by all with great food and fellowship.

Thank you Daren Lewis for offer your photography skills for the Change of Watch. Well Done.

12 January 2012


Post by: FSO-PB Jonathan James
Sorry, I haven't posted a photo in the last couple weeks. I'm going to start kicking this fender back up the hill with another fantastic photo from Paul Ploeger in AUXAIR piloted by FC Rick Williams.

Portland, OR - AUXAIR conducts an overflight of the Oregon City Falls.
AUXAIR conducts overflights of the Sector Columbia River AOR to augment
Air Station Astoria aircraft. AUXAIR can be used for SAR cases as well as
port security, pollution reporting, etc.
Photo by Auxilirist Paul Ploeger

09 January 2012

Division 7 Change of Watch Photo Highlights.

Post by Jonathan James

Shipmates, for those of you who could not make the Division Change of Watch, here are a few photo highlights of the ceremonies. In attendance was our Coast Guard 13th District Commander, Rear Adm. Keith Taylor who gave a very inspirational speech. Other speakers in attendance were, Chief of Staff Dean Wimer and MSU Portland Executive Officer, CDR. Micheal Zamperini.

76 came home with a couple awards from the division level and will be presented at the next flotilla Change of Watch this Sunday.

B.Z. to DCAPT Daren Lewis for an outstanding and memorable COW and congratulations to DCDR Brad Schults and VCDR George Sipes on your election to the division bridge.