29 April 2012

Photo of the Week.

Post by Jonathan James, VFC

This week's photo was snapped by Todd Mains while conducting training evolution's with Coast Guard Station Portland. If you have any photos of us executing our missions, please send them to me so I may share them with our shipmates and people who follow our blog. 

Clear to Port. 


PORTLAND, OR - Coast Guard Small Boat, 25430 makes a 
hard turn to Port while executing a blocking maneuver to protect the high 
value asset they are escorting in a training exercise. Auxiliary vessels and crews
are routinely used as platforms for the active duty to use in training. In this case, 
Auxiliary OFAC 222051 was used as the high value asset. 
U.S. Coast Guard photo by Auxiliarist Todd Mains.

26 April 2012

Post by Jonathan James, VFC
Shipmates, in the next few Saturdays flotilla 76 will be participating in some "open house" events at the Fisherman's Marine locations. We will be providing store patrons with an opportunity to learn about boating safety as well as get their Vessel Safety Check done.

These are the dates of the open houses:

05 MAY 2012 from 0900-1600 at the Delta Park store
12 MAY 2012 from 0900-1600 at the Oregon City store
19 MAY 2012 from 0900-1600 at the Tigard store

Members are needed to help man the booth. We will have boating safety literature as well as the cold water demo available. Officer Snook will be making appearances and members are needed to wear the costume. Officer Snook's appearance times will be 1100-1500.

Please contact Jonathan James if you interested in participating.

13 April 2012

Some Photo Highlights.

Post by: Jonathan James, FSO-PA/PB

Sorry Shipmates for a silent blog for the past while. Now that I'm starting to find a good routine (which I'm sure will change as the baby gets older) I am able to get posting again.

It's That Time to Roll Our Sleeves up.
The CO of MSU Portland has chose Tax Day (17 April) as our changeover from ODU sleeve down to ODU sleeve up. Here are a few photos to follow to properly roll your sleeves. If you have any question, please email Jonathan James with your question.

Here is a slide show of AUX in action this Winter.