21 May 2012

Photo of the Week

Shipmate, this week's photo shows our new info holders at the local boat ramps. Thanks to Ed Karis for his hard work in getting these place.

PORTLAND, OR - Auxiliary flotilla 76 works on installing "TAKE ONE" pouches 
at the local boat ramps and parks with Sports Utility Boat access. Safe Boating Week is upon us
and this is flotilla 76's way of promoting safe boating 24 hours a day. 
U.S. Coast Guard Photo by Auxiliarist Ed Karis.

07 May 2012

Photo of the Week

Post by Jonathan James, VFC

This week's photo was submitted by Ed Karis, FSO-PV.

Ed has put in countless hours in preparations for the open house events at the local Fisherman's Marine locations for the next 4 Saturdays. A BIG thanks to John Pulson, Diane and Matt Epstein, and Ed Karis for
putting on a great event this Saturday.


PORTLAND, OR - Auxiliarist stand watch at the Open House booth hosted by Fisherman's Marine
in Delta Park. Auxiliarist offered free Vessel Safety Checks as well as a cold water tank demonstration.
Public Affairs booths are one of the biggest tools we have available to spread the word about Recreational Boating Safety and having great program partners like Fisherman's Marine help provide a platform for

Auxiliarist to spread the word.
U.S. Coast Guard photo by Auxiliarist Ed Karis. FSO-PV