19 September 2012

Good Luck Shipmates

 Post by Jonathan James, VFC

This weekend will be our District Conference at the Monarch Hotel in Clackamas were elections for District Officers for 2013 will be conducted.

In these election will be our very own Daren Lewis, DCAPT-South (District Captain) who will be running as our DCOS (District Chief of Staff) who's duties include managing the DSO (District Staff Officer) as well as assisting the DCO (District Commodore) with other district business. To put it into perspective, his duties are close to that of the VCDR (Vice Division Commander) and VFC (Vice Flotilla Commander) times a hundred.

Brad Schuldt, DCDR (Division Commander) will be running as out DCAPT-South. The DCAPT is charged with supervising the southern divisions in the district as well as working with the Goldside Command in his area.

We all wish both of you well in the coming election and hope to see you both Frocked (old office insignia replaced with newly elected office insignia) by conference end.

     Daren Lewis, District Captain - South
Brad Schuldt, Division Commander