27 December 2012

December 31 Uniform Changes

From D13 EXCOM

Each of us takes pride in wearing the Auxiliary uniform. The new year will bring a number of changes to our Auxiliary uniform as announced in the Auxiliary Manual published in August 2011 (COMDTINST M16790.1G). Many of these changes are to little used uniforms and uniform items and have little impact on the majority of members. A few are significant and we'd like to assure all members are aware of the changes to avoid inadvertent violation of the uniform rules.

Please take this opportunity to review the changes and assure that you are in compliance as of 2013.

Thank you for your attention to these changes and your commitment to the Core Values of the Coast Guard as shown by your proper wear of the uniform.

If you have any questions please submit them via your chain of leadership and management.

Note: All letter references are to the Auxiliary Manual, COMDTINST M16790.1G, Chapter 10

Authorized Uniforms After 31 DEC 2012 (subject to wear dates and other limitations)
  • Blue Blazer Outfit [E.2.]
  • Auxiliary Jump Suit [E.3.]
  • Auxiliary Operations Polo Shirt [E.4.]
  • Dinner Dress Blue Jacket Uniform [G.1./I.1.]
  • Dinner Dress White Jacket Uniform [G.2./I.2.]
  • Service Dress Blue [G.3./I.3.]
  • Dinner Dress Blue [G.5./I.4.]
  • Service Dress White [G.6./I.5.]
  • Winter Dress Blue - 01NOV-31MAR each year [G.7./I.6.]
  • Tropical Blue [G.8./I.7.]
  • Undress Blue Winter [G.9./I.8.]
  • Hot Weather Uniform [H.3. / see also Operational Polo (E.4.) & VE Polo (A.2.) options]
  • Operational Dress Uniform (Tucked and Untucked) [H.4. / see also Operational Polo (E.4.) & VE Polo (A.2.) options]
  • Auxiliary Flight Suit [H.5.]
  • Auxiliary Chef (AUXCHEF) Uniform [H.6.]
  • Organizational clothing (e.g. Anti-exposure PPE for Air & Surface Operations)
Discontinued Uniforms as of 31 DEC 2012
  • Undress Blue - Summer (Alpha) [G.10.]
  • Undress Blue - Summer (Bravo) [H.1.]
  • Working Blue [H.2.]
Changes in wear as of 31 DEC 2012
  • Cardigan Sweater is no longer authorized with the ODU [D.6.]
  • Wooly-Pully Sweater is no longer authorized with the ODU [D.6.]
  • Windbreaker is no longer authorized with the ODU [D.10.a.]
  • Auxiliary Ball Caps WITH silver embroidered visor ornamentation are no longer authorized [D.3.b]
  • Auxiliary Ball Caps WITH mesh backs are no longer authorized [D.3.b]
  • Auxiliary Ball Caps WITH embroidered/sew-on devices are no longer authorized [D.3.b.] (metal devices are required as of 31 DEC 2012)
  • Trench Coat is no longer authorized with the ODU [D.10.e.]
  • Garrison Cap is no longer authorized with Service Dress Blue, only the combination cap may be worn [G.3.j./I.3.j.]
Individual Uniform Items Discontinued After 31 DEC 2012
  • Blue Working Utility Cap [D.3.a.]
  • Work Jacket [D.10.b.]
  • Foul Weather Jacket WITH Service Dress Blue [D.10.c.]
  • Reefer Coat [D.10.d.]
  • Overcoat [D.10.f.]
In addition please note the three following areas of particular concern:
  • Wear of Coast Guard Unit Ball Caps have very specific wear requirements and allowable circumstances for wear by Auxiliarists. If you have the privilege of supporting a Coast Guard unit and have the Command's authorization to wear the Unit Ball Cap please be sure to know, understand and follow these requirements. [D.3.c.]
  • Soft shoulder boards/shoulder loops have not been authorized on Tropical Blue for a number of years and are no longer authorized on any uniform item including sweaters [D.5.].
  • For District 13 the Active Duty Chief of Staff has put the period for winter uniforms as 01 November - 31 March. Tropical blue is always authorized for the D13 Staff for office wear. Between 01 November - 31 March ODUs will be worn with sleeves rolled down. If you work with a Coast Guard unit follow the Command direction of sleeves when aboard that unit.

Very respectfully,
U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, District 13 EXCOM