08 February 2013

C-Schools for Auxiliarists

By Daren Lewis

Earlier this week Dave Baker, our FSO-MT, sent out the current C-School schedule. Newer members may not be aware of what this opportunity means. C-Schools are advanced resident training offered to Auxiliarists to prepare them for new roles. Examples include a number of leadership trainings, training to serve as an Information Services Officer, training to serve as a Public Affairs Officer, advanced training in AUXAIR, and others.

In most cases (except where noted) Auxiliarist receive paid travel orders and per diem to attend these courses. Typically you may attend a C-School every three years.

Our Flotilla Commander, Diane Epstein, prepared a wonderful article on her C-School experience -

Learn more about Auxiliary C-Schools at:

If you'd like to attend one of the C-Schools in the current Federal Fiscal Year (Until Oct) review the material and submit a Short Term Training Request (STTR) to Diane for endorsement and forwarding to DIRAUX.