19 April 2013

Wash & Wear Trousers - Stand by for Auxiliary use

By Daren Lewis

Great clarification from the National HR Directorate on the new wash & wear trouser. Bottom line - these are being targeted to Active Duty & Reserve first and we will be authorized to wear at a future date. As some may recall these authorizations take some, but not too much, time.
V/r, Daren

I received further clarification to the "Wash & Wear Trousers" Uniform update I distributed on 29MAR2013. At this time, the new Wash & Wear Trousers are ONLY authorized for wear by the USCG Active Duty & Reserve; they are not yet approved for use by the Auxiliary. If you have forwarded the previous information down the chain to the General Membership, please follow-up with this update. Sorry for any confusion.

Please see below for more specific details (source: H-Directorate Office):
"You may have [received notification] regarding Coast Guard Approval of a new Wash and Wear Male Trouser and Female Dress Slack for use with the Tropical Blue and Winter Dress Blue Uniforms (not the Service Dress Blue Uniform). This uniform part will be available in the Exchange System by the end of June 2013.
However, authorization is based on an interim guidance policy which has not yet been acted upon by the CHDIRAUX for use by the Auxiliary. As in the past, the UDC will issue bulletins about uniform changes that have been approved by the Coast Guard Uniform Board for active duty members, but not yet promulgated for use by the Auxiliary. That approval usually comes in the form of an ALAUX and an annotation to the on-line version of the AUXMAN.
Therefore, until the CHDIRAUX officially notifies the Auxiliary of the availability of these new garments and authorizes them for wear by our members, please do not send this information to the Deckplate, as it will only result in multiple inquires from District Commodore’s for answers that our Directorate does not have at this point."
Brett C. Bigelow, BC-HXP
Human Resources Directorate
United States Coast Guard Auxiliary

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