02 May 2013

Surface Operations Qualified? Maintaining qualifications in a time of uncertainty

By Daren Lewis

As you likely know we will not have the Navy for Rose Festival and therefore no Naval Vessel Protection Zone (learn more about NVPZs). We will still have a Safety Zone for the Dragon Boats. In addition we are facing reduced operational funding for the fiscal year.

I know some members rely on the high operations tempo of Rose Festival to complete the annual 12 hours of surface operational time required to maintain crew and coxswain qualifications. In light of the Fleet Week change and other uncertainty I encourage you to think about how you will get your on-the-water time for 2013. Plan ahead and don't get caught short.

All that said, everything I hear says there is still a commitment to Auxiliary surface operations. We are an important component of the operational community. The challenges we are seeing are the same ones being faced by all our Coast Guard shipmates. All units are seeing changes in tempo and funding.

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