30 June 2013

Uniforms: Name tags with your first name

By Daren Lewis

The Auxiliary Manual authorizes members to wear a name tag with our first names included. I find this is a great option in a number of circumstances:

  • At Flotilla meetings where it helps prospective and new members acclimate while meeting a dozen new faces.
  • When representing the Auxiliary and the Coast Guard at outside events.
  • In general business use on Coast Guard bases.

The name tag with my first name has become my default option with Tropical Blue. For formal events and when wearing Service Dress Blue I wear my standard, last name only, name tag.

The Coast Guard Uniform Regulations, COMDTINST M1020.6 (series) authorize active duty and Reserve personnel to wear name tags that display first and last names in lieu of the standard name tag (last name only). An individual’s first and last name and the “U.S. Coast Guard” legend letter sizes must be the same as for the standard name tag. This applies only to name tags of Bakelite or similar material, not to cloth name tapes. Commands have the authority to require the standard name tag when a higher level of uniformity is necessary. Auxiliarists are similarly authorized to wear name tags with first and last names displayed in accordance with these guidelines. A displayed first name must be the Auxiliarist’s full common first name or conventional shortened derivative (e.g., Mike instead of Michael). Nicknames or parenthesized names are not authorized (e.g., Doc, Mac, “Lefty”). Auxiliarists must also have a standard name tag for when a higher level of uniformity is necessary. - COMDTINST M16790.1G Auxiliary Manual, Ch.10.F.3.

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